Services & Specialties

Services and Specialties

Robison Construction offers literally hundreds of services for industrial building envelope systems, storefront, entryway, and glazing. We also offer complete residential roofing services.

Commercial Services

No job is too big or too small. You can contact us anytime to provide a needed service that we don’t have listed.
We are a full-service commercial roofing company, offering our customers the most qualified and dependable staff. We also use modern technology such as thermal imagery to ensure your facility is protected. With years of corporate experience, Robison installation crews are comparable to no other.

Residential Services

Mother Nature’s wrath has taken a toll on your roof and you are wondering what you should do next.
When weather-related damage to your roof occurs, here are some suggestions and information we offer to help you handle your situation: First, call us at Robison Construction. We will inspect your roof to verify the cause of any visible damage, avoiding unnecessary claims with your insurance provider if the damage is below your deductible.

Industrial Roofing

Whether it is installing a roof on a new project, replacing an aging roof, performing maintenance or making emergency repairs, we are prepared to meet all of your industrial commercial roofing and architectural needs.

Industrial Coatings

Our industrial roof coatings are cost-effective and the perfect solution for leak repair and roof restoration. They are professionally applied and provide a seamless, waterproof membrane. Their high corrosion resistance gives long-term protection to even rusty metal roofs. Our reflective coatings also dramatically reduce roof temperatures and eliminate expansion and contraction problems.


Robison Construction also specializes in the sale, engineering, installation, and service of all types of windows, doors, storefronts, curtainwall, and A/C sleeves. Update the look and thermal integrity of your facility and cut your energy costs. We provide the absolute finest in modern glazing and protection.

Slip & Fall Deck Protection

Secure your walkways and traffic surfaces with our specialty slip and fall prevention coatings. Designed to help maintain secure footing, these coatings are also designed to protect your outdoor surfaces from the elements and traffic wear.

Additional Services

Rolling Shutters and Screens

Rolling shutters are mounted over windows, doors, patios or anywhere a secure insulated barrier is needed. The interlocking slats are aluminum and filled with dense ecologic foam for insulation and rigidity. The foam core stops 99% of the radiant heat from entering your space. This insulation combined with the “dead air” space between the shutter and the glass, makes a rolling shutter one of the best products available to stop heat, cold, sound, and light.
Rolling Shutters and Screens are Perfect For:
  • Stopping heat and save energy
  • Total Privacy
  • No more glare on your TV
  • Enclose your patio to keep away unwanted pests.
  • Noise Reduction
  • Insulating windows & doors
  • Modernizing and Increasing Home Value
  • Keep the visibility while protecting you from the glare. How can a screen offer such good visibility and still protect from the heat? Uniform strands of individually coated fiberglass. We use fiberglass because it is stronger than polyester and will not stretch or lose shape.
  • Do you have a large patio or outdoor living area that needs protection from the sun? We can install the perfect motorized retractable screen called the Solution Xtreme Screen for openings up to 30 feet wide. Get maximum sun protection on your windows, doors and patios. They were designed to be a very reliable product and will stop 90% of the radiant heat before it gets into your home.
  • Rolling Shutters mount outside your home or business, but you control them from inside. Close your shutters to block heat and light, deter intruders, and reduce sound. Put them in the “vent” position for soft lighting and ventilation.

Residential Windows and Doors

If your electric bill is breaking your bank or if the value of your home is sinking into a money pit, maybe its time to replace your windows and doors. With properly installed doors and efficient glass systems, replacement windows and doors will offer substantial noise reduction and energy savings. Robison Construction provides our customers with hassle-free windows and doors that can stand the test of time. The Robison team will recommend the most functional and attractive windows that highlight your home’s architecture while providing solutions to keep your home cool on those hot days.

Window Installation & Replacement

Our fully certified and trained staff will install new windows that not only look beautiful but will perform beautifully as well.
We specialize in:
  • Awning Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Special Custom Shaped & Combination Windows
If you are thinking about replacing windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors, french doors, entry doors, garden windows, and bay or bow windows, Robison Construction can help you to choose the products and frame materials that are the best option for your home. We can even add windows and doors to your home where there are just walls now.

Commercial Interior Screens

Improve workplace environments by reducing radiant solar energy, heat and glare, while decreasing your energy usage. An increase of natural light has been determined to increase employee productivity and decrease absenteeism. Robison Construction can install a clean look and not detract from your architectural design. We are available for large-scale motorized and automated projects. We have the capability of fully automating your shades with building system integration or highly advanced sun positioning systems. Our designers and estimators are available to help you build your project to suit any variable. Full specifications and submittals are available. Heavy-duty, commercial grade rolling screens and shades can be ordered as manual, motorized or fully automated.
Very Useful for Healthcare Facilities, Corporate Offices, Learning Institutions, Bars and Restaurants.

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutter and downspouts installation is very important and demands special attention when looking at the design of the home. Leaking gutters and downspouts can cause serious damage to a building's interior as well as exterior, and repairs can be expensive. Foundation work can be needed which some insurance companies don’t cover. Our installations help you factor in the maintenance, durability and longevity when designing and purchasing a brand of gutters and downspouts. We base the design on your home's location, size, and environment that allows us to perfect a system that requires less maintenance and more functionality.
Our Roof Drainage Systems Design Principles
To ensure the best gutter for your home we factor in:
  • Rainfall Intensity
  • Calculating The Size and Slope of Your Roof
  • Downspout Locations
  • Environment (Backyard, Patio, Swimming Pool)
  • Gutter and Downspout Sizing
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