Services & Cost

Lets start with the most basic concrete slab:
A Basic concrete slab can vary heavily based on the thickness and site prep required.
Concrete is sold by the yard and can vary in Price from $80-$200 per cubic yard, which will yield approximately 80 square feet at 4 inches thick. Price will vary based on the amount of site prep, surface prep, rebar, forming, and type of finish applied to the concrete's surface. Other factors that will alter the price are amount of concrete ordered, type of concrete mix, and labor costs.

Stamped Concrete:

Stamped concrete, imprinted cement, patterned concrete are all ways to give a newly poured concrete surface the look of natural stone. When pouring a new concrete slab you can ‘stamp' or ‘imprint' the setting cement creating a pattern often resembling a rock or brick look.
The Cost of Placing , finishing and stamping concrete can be anywhere from $6-$15 per square foot.
The cost of concrete can fluctuate heavily, as well as custom or standard stamp pattern mats are quite expensive. There is also the forming; grading and site work, layout and metal rebar installation, that all comes into the price or cost of it all. Simple flat pads vs. steps, stairs, slopes or otherwise.

Thin Resurfacing systems:

Topping systems, resurfacing systems, scratch coats, micro toppings, thin cement overlays etc.
These systems work great for resurfacing and rejuvenating old or damaged concrete or cement rather than having to tear it out and re-pour it all.
The cost to resurface a concrete slab can vary quite a bit. Basic grey cement color over a fairly good condition of concrete could be as low as 2.25 per square foot whereas an intricate pattern, multicolor and borders can run you in the price range of $4 to $8 per square foot.
The repair work required prior to resurfacing is the biggest variable and the other is the level of decorative input required by the installer.

Stamped Concrete Toppings:

Resurfacing concrete, stamp overlays, imprinted overlays, patterned cement topping, etc. All are types of cement resurfacing systems designed to add a new surface to an existing concrete or wood substrate with some type of stamped or imprinted pattern usually resembling rock, stone or brick.
These systems are some of the most difficult to install yet can yield absolutely beautiful results. Starting costs for stamped concrete overlays are usually in the $5 range but have been known to climb to the $15-$20 per square foot cost in the casinos of Las Vegas and high end homes.
These systems will run about $7-$10 on average.
Stamped concrete products and systems can be expensive and require a very talented individual to assemble. The key to a good stamp overlay is having an artisan who can create a realistic look of stone or brick using concrete.

Concrete Countertops:

Cast in place or pre-cast concrete countertops and vanities are simply refined, colored or finished concrete slabs that can be used as a decorative element as much as a functional surface.
Whereas the material costs for concrete countertops is often only a small factor it is the time and labor of creating the form, detail work, polishing, coloring and finishing that adds to the price.
Most concrete countertops are custom made from scratch and can cost anywhere from $45 to $225 per square foot.
Factors that affect the price of concrete counters are the details including, inlays, custom accents, decorative edges, surface finish, colors, and level of detail and experience on the installers side. You must also factor in the transportation and ultimately the installation that both play a big part as well.

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